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London Transport Museum

100 years of the roundel

The roundel logo first appeared on Underground station platforms in 1908. Over 100 years it became the unifying symbol of London's transport services and widely recognised as an icon of the city. Read more - History of the roundel...»
Solid red disc'General' map and guide roundel, 1913.Black Underground roundel, 1921.London Transport roundel, c1934.Temporary paper roundel, Woodford station, 1947.Coach stop roundel, c1950.Underground roundel, c1960.Plain red Underground roundel, 1972.Red and blue Underground roundel, 1987.Illuminated Underground roundel, 1999.Freestanding roundel, Canada Water, 2000.Transport for London’s Streets roundel, 2008.

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Roundel history History of the roundel

The 100 year history of London's iconic logo

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Architecture Roundels and architecture Photographs, drawings and artworks from the collection showing how the roundel has been incorporated into architectural design.
Badges Roundels and badges Photographs, drawings and objects from the collection showing how the roundel has evolved as the company’s insignia on vehicles and uniforms.
Publicity Roundels and publicity Posters, leaflets, timetables and maps from the collection for which the roundel provides a unifying logo or the creative inspiration.
Signs Roundels and signs Signs from the collection charting the development of the roundel in signage from its first appearance on platforms in 1908.

Online exhibition: The art of the poster - a century of design Renaissance London logo

Online exhibition: The art of the poster - a century of design
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