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Decade - 1990s

Sample image from 1990s posterDr Henry Fitzhugh left London Underground in the early 1990s. The tighter economic climate resulted in London Transport Advertising becoming privatised. T.D.I, its new owners, started selling advertising space more aggressively, leaving fewer gaps to be filled by Art on the Underground commissions. However, market research showed the campaign to have been popular with customers. London Transport's Design Director, Jeremy Rewse Davies, ensured that space was retained specifically for the campaign until 2000. This enabled leading artists such as Glynn Boyd Harte, R B Kitaj, Jennie Tuffs and Edwina Ellis to continue London Transports legacy of high quality poster art.

Important artists from the 1990s: Alex Brown , Jennie Tuffs

Important Commissioners from the 1990s: Art on the Underground

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