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Decade - 1930s

Sample image from 1930s posterDuring the 1930s, Underground Group posters became bolder, brighter and more adventurous. Pick's progressive commissioning policy led to over 40 posters a year. When London Transport was formed in 1933, the new organisation was considered an important patron of the arts and leader in the field of poster publicity. Poster imagery varied, from traditional naturalistic scenes to more radical geometric and even abstract interpretations of a subject. As Pick commissioned more and more leading artists, the gap began to close between avant-garde art and commercial design. Posters no longer appropriated modern art for the man on the street; contemporary artists like Man Ray, Edward Wadsworth and Paul Nash took it directly to them.

Important artists from the 1930s: Dora M Batty , F Gregory Brown , Austin Cooper , Barnett Freedman , Edward McKnight Kauffer , Charles Pears , Herry Perry , Zero

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