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Decade - 1920s

Sample image from 1920s posterDuring the 1920s, the Underground Group's posters were bold, bright and abundant. They were reaching a peak of stylistic quality. Many designs drew inspiration from avant-garde movements such as Cubism, Futurism and Vorticism. The skill of the poster artist was to interpret and appropriate these intellectual and often complex styles, tailoring them to the requirements of publicity and the taste of the public. The growing range of subjects, styles and techniques meant that posters varied dramatically. However, the Johnston typeface and the distinctive roundel logo lent posters a clear visual coherence. Designed exclusively for the Underground Group, these standardised features clearly distinguished the company's information from other commercial advertisements.

Important artists from the 1920s: Dora M Batty , F Gregory Brown , Austin Cooper , Clive Gardiner , Frederick Charles Herrick , Edward McKnight Kauffer , Frank Newbould , Charles Paine , Charles Pears , Walter E Spradbery , Fred Taylor

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