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Artist - Zhao Bandi

Zhao Bandi , born 1966 in Beijing, China. Designed poster for Transport for London 2004

  • Educated; Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing ; 1985-1988


A skilled painter and keen observers of reality, Zhao Bandi is best known for his illusionistic work in oils. Throughout his career he has absorbed elements of Social Realism, Photo Realism and Cynical Realism. However, there is something intensely personal about the reality Bandi meticulously depicts. His interest in the language of advertising and the dissemination of public information, has lead him to exhibit widely in public spaces. This allows his creative messages to be reached by the same mass audiences. In 2003, Manchester Art Gallery, the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and the Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth displayed his work in a series of off-site locations. The fourth venue was in London, at Piccadilly Circus Underground station.

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