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Artist - Ugo Mochi

Ugo Mochi, born 1889 in Florence, Italy, died 1977. Designed posters for the Underground Group 1923

  • Educated; Institute of Graphic Arts, Bergamo; 1904
  • Educated; Academy of Art, Berlin; post 1904


Ugo Mochi was a prolific illustrator, sculptor and designer. His ability to translate intricate draughtsmanship into card cut-outs, earned him international acclaim as the greatest living exponent of ‘Shadows in Outline’. Mochi studied art from the age of 10 and later opened his own studio. Encouraged by ensuing awards and scholarships, he moved to Berlin to further his studies under noted animal sculptor August Gaul. His first one-man show was held in 1922, where his work was purchased by the Duke and Duchess of York and Queen Mary for the Royal Windsor Collections. In 1928, Mochi moved to the America, where he lived and worked for the rest of his life.

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