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Artist - Reg Cartwright

Reg Cartwright (also known by the name Reginald Ainsley Cartwright), born 1939 in Leicester. Designed poster for London Transport 1998


As a young man, Reg Cartwright worked in a number of studios as a commercial artist. He became a full-time painter and illustrator in 1974. Cartwright’s paintings, composed of smooth, brightly coloured objects and decorative motifs, demonstrate an affinity with Christopher Wood and the St. Ives School. Although often densely packed, they appear ordered and clear. Cartwright has illustrated over 30 books and his work was included in the 'Original Show' at the Museum of 20th Century Illustrators in New York. He has received awards for his illustration and graphics and exhibited widely across London. Cartwright now lives and works in the Midlands.

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