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Artist - Nicolas Bentley

Nicolas Bentley (also known by the name Nicolas Clerihew Bentley), born 1907 in Highgate, London, died 1978. Designed posters for London Transport 1941

  • Educated; University College School;
  • Educated; Heatherley's School of Fine Art;


Nicolas Bentley was the son of E C Bentley, a novelist and writer for the Daily Telegraph. He began his career as a freelance journalist, author and illustrator. He later worked under Jack Beddington in the advertising department at Shell. With colleagues Rex Whistler, Edward Ardizzone and John Betjeman, he was responsible for the 'Shell Guide' series, first published in 1933. During the Second World War Bentley was Deputy Director of the Home Intelligence Unit and Editor of Publications for the Ministry of Information. He also produced a series of passenger safety posters for London Transport. His cartoons featured in the Daily Mail from 1958 to 1962.

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