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Artist - Laurence Bradshaw

Laurence Bradshaw, born 1899 in Liverpool, died 1978. Designed posters for London Transport 1935-1937

  • Educated; Liverpool University; Circa 1915
  • Educated; Liverpool School of Art ; 1916-1917


Laurence Bradshaw was a sculptor, painter and printmaker. He used his creativity to further the cause of socialism and his socialist principles to further his art. He wrote that 'the creative arts must be brought out of the art galleries and dealer showrooms and again become a part of the environment of the city-dweller and countryman alike'. He began his career as assistant to Frank Brangwyn. During the inter-war years Bradshaw designed sculptural decoration for public buildings and portrait busts of leading communists. Bradshaw later produced impassioned paintings condemning the injustice of war and several political magazine covers. Designing the Karl Marx memorial at Highgate Cemetery was his greatest commission.

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