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Artist - John Banting

John Banting, born 1902 in Chelsea, London, died 1972. Designed posters for London Transport 1936

  • Educated; Westminster School of Art; circa 1925
  • Educated; Grande Chaumi-24re and Colarossi's, Paris; circa 1922


John Banting was a British Surrealist painter. In the 1920s he had a studio in Fitzroy Street and worked in association with the Bloomsbury Group. In 1930, after meeting Duchamp, Breton and Giacometti in Paris, he became interested in Surrealism. He exhibited at the International Surrealist Exhibition in London (1936), New York (1936) and Paris (1938). He painted in oils and watercolour and experimenting with linocut and collage. He also wrote and illustrated a number of books and produced advertising material for Shell and London Transport. During the war he was art editor of Our Time and an art director for the Ministry of Information's Strand Films. Banting lived and worked in Rye, Sussex, before moving to Hastings in 1965.

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