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Artist - Ian Southwood

Ian Southwood, born 1948. Designed posters for London Transport 1989-1990

  • Educated; Portsmouth College of Art; 1967-1970
  • Educated; Chelsea School of Art; 1970-1971


Ian Southwood is a realist painter. His balanced compositions capture elements of the everyday with the evidential, yet detached quality of a photograph. He arranges these fragments of reality, with the symmetry and order of a still life, to create new pictorial worlds. A process he equates to a poets arrangement of words. Southwood works from his own photographs, using airbrushes to recapture a photographic appearance. Southwood now lives and works in The Hague, where he has joined the artist guild. The Pulchri Studio retrospective of February 2005 included works spanning 35 years of his career.

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