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Artist - Gillian Ayres

Gillian Ayres, born 1930 in Barnes, London. Designed poster for London Transport 1991

  • Educated; Camberwell School of Art; 1946-1950


Gillian Ayres is a contemporary painter, mural artist and teacher. Her exuberant work is in the vein of American abstract expressionism and European tachism, which is characterised by the spontaneous brushwork and drips and blobs of paint direct from the tube. Ayres has used these techniques in her radical action paintings of the 1960s, displayed at the Situation exhibitions. Following Jackson Pollock's physical approach, she used a combination of house paint and oil paint directly on the canvas. Her teaching career included positions at The Bath Academy of Art, Corsham (until 1956), St Martin's College of Art (1965-1978) and Winchester School of Art where she was Head of Painting (1978-1981).

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