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Artist - George Clausen

George Clausen, born 1852 in 8 William Street, Regent's Park, London, died 1944. Designed posters for the Underground Group 1917

  • Educated; South Kensington School of Art; 1873-1875

George Clausen was also known by the name Sir George Clausen.


George Clausen began his career drawing for a firm of decorators in Chelsea. He went on to study fine art. In the 1870s, whilst living in London, he painted city street scenes. On moving to St Albans, his focus changed to the surroundings landscape and scenes of rural life. He developed a characteristic semi-Impressionist style, born of his fascination with the effects of natural light. During the First World War Clausen was assigned to the Woolwich Arsenal. Deeply affected by the heavy losses on the front line, he produced a series of powerful paintings. After the war, Clausen was recognition for his significant contribution to British painting.

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