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Artist - Frank William Brangwyn

Frank William Brangwyn, born 1867 in Bruges, Belgium, died 1956. Designed posters for the Underground Group and London Transport 1913-1937

  • Educated; South Kensington School of Art;

Frank William Brangwyn was also known by the name Frank Brangwyn.


Frank Brangwyn was born in Belgium, to an English father and Welsh mother. The family moved to London in 1874. Brangwyn had little artistic training, but was a natural draughtsman. He drew inspiration from the rich sources around him, including his father’s background as a church architect, international travel and the time he spent working for William Morris. Brangwyn grew to be a versatile and prolific artist. His works ranged from oil paintings, etchings and vast murals, to book illustrations and commercial posters. He also designed stained glass, carpets, ceramics and jewellery. There is a museum dedicated to Brangwyn’s work in Bruges.

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