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Artist - Evan Lewis Bamford

Evan Lewis Bamford, born 1891, died 1967. Designed posters for the Underground Group 1921-1923

  • Educated; Burton School of Art; 1908-1914
  • Educated; Royal College of Art; 1920-1922

Evan Lewis Bamford was also known by the name Evan Bamford.


Evan Lewis Bamford was an accomplished draughtsman and designer. He attended Burton School of Art from 1908 and continued to work there as a student teacher until 1914. He served in France during the First World War, before returning to Burton School as an assistant teacher. In 1923 he was awarded a Diploma for his posters at the 1st International Exhibition of Decorative art in Milan. Although he was recognised through a number of awards and exhibition opportunities, Bamford was unable to make a full time career out of his art.

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