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Artist - Eleonora Aguiari

Eleonora Aguiari, born 1969 in Genoa, Italy. Designed posters for Transport for London 2005

  • Educated; Royal College of Art; 2002-2004
  • Educated; Central St Martins College ; 1999-2002
  • Educated; Chelsea College of Art and Design; 1998-1999


Eleonora Aguiari studied philosophy in Milan, where she went on to write and publish books. In 1990 she set up her own publishing house, Zanzibar. She moved to London in 1998 to study art. For Aguiari's final show at the Royal College of Art, she wrapped an equestrian statue of Lord Napier in bright red duct tape. Her aim was to highlight references such as imperialism and our military past. She obtained official clearance from conservators, insurance companies, English Heritage, the West London boroughs where it resides and even the present Lord Napier. However, the act initiated controversy as well as acclaim. Aguiari has since exhibited widely across London.

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