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Artist - Duggie Fields

Copyright Douggie Fields

Duggie Fields, born 1945 in Tidworth, Wiltshire. Designed posters for Transport for London 2002-2003

  • Educated; Chelsea School of Art; 1964-1968


As an art student, Duggie Fields experimented with a number of contemporary styles. A scholarship took him to the United States and by the mid 1970s his work took on elements later defined within Post-Modernism. Fields started working with digital media in the late 1990's, describing his practice as 'Maximalist'. Although Fields shared contemporary concern about identity being consumed by mass media, he also saw 'infinite opportunities for new synthetic constructs'. It was from this optimistic outlook, teemed with manic imagination, that his distinctive 'post-pop' style evolved. His paintings are flamboyant yet simple, the colours dazzling yet coolly contained.

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