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Artist - Doug Fishbone

Doug Fishbone, born 1969 in Brooklyn, New York. Designed posters for Transport for London 2004

  • Educated; Goldsmiths College; 2003


The art of Doug Fishbone questions the meaning of art in today's consumer society. His essentially ephemeral practice values performance and process over the revered art object. In film Fishbone challenges problematic aspects of our society, such as greed, violence and pornography. He uses readymade images from the internet to create them, so that established boundaries between film and photography are tested and mass media becomes a critique of itself. Humour and irony play a crucial role in his installations. He invites the viewer to consider quite unseemly aspects of modern society in an engaging and disarming way. In a series of impermanent installations, he piled bananas up in public places and offered them to passers-by

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