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Artist - Bill Fontana

Bill Fontana, born 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Designed posters for Transport for London 2006

  • Educated; John Carroll University Cleveland, USA; 1965-1967


Bill Fontana is a pioneering artist working with sound. His practice involves recording ambient noise then relocating it to be played as a 'sound sculpture'. The different locations give the sound new resonance and meaning. Such work also explores the potential for sound to invoke visual imagery. Fontana's 'Harmonic Bridge' was a sound installation on the South Bank. Sensors turned the Millennium Bridge into a vast 'stringed instrument', picking up sounds from the river and surrounding bustle of the city. The soundtrack was then played at Tate Modern and Southwark Underground station. Fontana has made and presented his 'sound sculptures' all over the world.

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