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using the site

Using the site

Search tips

You can view posters and artworks by date, theme and artist from the main home page. These options to explore the collection are also displayed on every page down the left hand navigation.

Free text searching
A free text search box is available (top right corner). Try searching using keywords such as place names, locations, places of interest, objects etc.

Viewing by theme
You can explore the collection by clicking on one of eight main themes.

When you select a theme, you will be directed to the main themes page, information about that theme will be displayed. Sub themes relating to this main theme will appear below in blue, which can also be selected by 'clicking'.

Posters and artworks relating to the theme or sub theme will appear as thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.

Applying the filter
All posters and artworks related to the chosen theme will be displayed, however you can apply a filter (which appears above the thumbnails) click to select 'posters only' or 'artworks only', then click on the 'Apply filter' box.

Viewing by artist
Click the initial letter of the artists surname you wish to find, for example K for Edward McKnight Kauffer.

The artists surnames beginning with the letter K will appear, select an artist by clicking on their name, this will take you to the artists biography and will display all posters or artworks by the artist.

Viewing by date
The dates page shows a timeline dividing dates into decades ranging from 1900s to 2000s.

Select a decade by clicking on the image. Information about the chosen decade will appear along with all posters and artworks created during that period.

By year
You can search for a poster or artwork created within a specific year by entering '1933' in the 'Specific year' box and clicking 'Go'.

Date ranges
To search within a range of dates enter '1930' in the 'From year' box and '1933' in the 'To year' box and click 'Go'.

All posters and artworks created within that date range or specific year will appear. You can also apply the 'poster only' or 'artworks only' filter to reduce the number of search results if you wish.

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Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained within the Poster browser. However, mistakes do occur. Neither the London Transport Museum or Transport for London can be held responsible for any omissions or incorrect information.

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If you would like to provide us with feedback about the site or have an artwork or poster enquiry please contact the following people:

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