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A team of women tunnel cleaners or 'fluffers' remove fluff and dirt from the floor of an unidentified tube tunnel. The women worked at night during Engineering Hours when the power for the rail tracks was switched off.

Photographed by Dr Heinz Zinram , Dec 1955

Image no: 1306/4

Inventory no: 1998/65711

20th Century London caption: This picture shows a team of 'fluffers' cleaning in an Underground tunnel in 1955. They are using special fluffer brushes that helped them collect the dust and fluff from around the rails. This was important because if the dust built up, it could affect the trackside equipment or cause fires. Fluffers went to work every night once the electricity to the tracks had been switched off. Some of the women in this photo are holding carbide lamps. These burn acetylene, which produces a very bright flame.

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