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Kingsway Subway, interior view of Holborn tram station with E3-type tram at platform.

Photographed by Topical Press, Oct 1933

Location: Kingsway Subway, Westminster

Image no: U13255

Inventory no: 1998/86457

Your memories:   My father used to take me from Manor House by tram down through the Kingsway Subway to the Embankment circa 1953?. I had ........ Read more »

20th Century London caption: The Kingsway subway followed the line of two new roads, Aldwych and Kingsway. These had been built as one of the great Edwardian improvement schemes and involved a major slum clearance in the area. The first section of the subway opened in 1906 with an underground terminus at Aldwych. Trams were operated on the subway by London County Council. This one is an E1-type tram. These steel-bodied trams were specially built for the Kingsway service. Double-decker trams were introduced in 1931, after subway had been enlarged.

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