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Bow Road Underground station, London, Tilbury, & Southend Railway and District line. Exterior of the station taken 1900. This is a brick building with a slate roof. There are two round arched doors with decorative fan lights; windows are also set into two arches. A group of fairly well dressed children are standing in the entrance and on the outside pavement, with a man in uniform (railway).

Unknown photographer, Mar 1908

Bow Road, E3

Image no: 3506/1

Inventory no: 1998/89301

20th Century London caption: Bow Road station was built by the Whitechapel & Bow Railway and jointly owned by the London, Tilbury, & Southend Railway and the Metropolitan District Railway (M.D.R.), whose lines it linked. The station opened in June 1902. The M.D.R.'s services were extended all the way to Southend-on-Sea, 40 miles to the east of London, which was where many Londoners in the first half of the century spent their days off. Southend-on-Sea boasts the longest pier in the world at 11/3 miles (2 kilometres) long. The Kursaal, one of the earliest theme parks, was built at the start of the 20th century.

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