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Exterior of Victoria station, District Railway (now Victoria Underground station, District line). Featuring the original signage on the exterior of the building. A row of cabs waits in the foreground, some of the drivers stand nearby. Two women in fine dress, stand in the foreground of the shot to the right. Premises on Victoria Street can be seen in the background.

Unknown photographer, 1900

Image no: ukn

Inventory no: 1998/24504

20th Century London caption: Victoria station on the District Railway (now District line) opened in 1868. This photo shows the original signage on the exterior of the building. A row of horse-drawn cabs lines up outside, though horsepower was slowly being superseded by motor engines and electrically powered vehicles. However the cabs here are still all horse drawn. Motor cabs were introduced in great numbers from 1907, when 723 were licensed in London. Cab owners had to pay a special fee to be allowed to collect passengers from a station.

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