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using the site

Using the site

Search tips

You can search the photographic collection by date, theme or 'free text'.

Date searching
To search within a range of dates enter the earlier year in the 'From year' box and a later year in the 'To year' box and click 'Go'. To search for all photos in a single year, use the 'specific year' search box.

Viewing theme groupings
You can explore the collection in chunks by clicking on one of the eleven main themes. Because some of these are very broad, you can search within a group by combining the theme with other terms from the descriptive text, displayed below the theme summary.

You are directed to the theme summary page after 'clicking' a theme. Related terms appear below, and can be selected by 'clicking' again. Photographs relating to the theme or sub theme will then appear as thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.

Free text searching
The main search box at the top right corner is what we call free text - you can search on any term in the description. Try a random descriptive word and see what you get. Please bear in mind that the descriptions come direct from the museum's main cataloguing system and some of the terminology may be unfamiliar.

Boolean searching
If you enter two words it will only look for these two words where they appear together, as in Golders Green, unless you include Boolean terms ('and', 'not', 'or') to link them.
Examples could be Green not Golders, or Golders and summer.

The main things you will need to know are that if you are searching for a Tube station, we don't use the term 'tube' and if you are looking for a particular station, you will only find it by searching for 'Underground station'. Even stations on the Metropolitan Railway are called Underground stations, for the sake of consistency.

On the bus side you should note that we identify buses primarily by their designated type, rather than their names - so for example the Routemaster is more often referred to as the RM-type, the Titan as the T-type and the Metrobus as the M-type, etc.

Company names may be abbreviated, especially LGOC, for the London General Omnibus Company, and UERL, for Underground Electric Railways of London group, also referred to as the Underground Group.

All photos taken indoors or inside a vehicle are marked interior, everything outside is exterior.

Wildcard searching
This allows you to search for variations on a word by looking for only part of the word, ending with an asterisk. For example you can search for different types of Routemaster (the prototype RM1, RML, RMC, RMA) by using RM* or just the beginning of a word you are unsure of. It works with numbers too, but not consistently on dates. 194* will retrieve some dates in the 1940s but only those where the date appears in the text. Use the date search tool for proper date range or specific date searches.

Using the Location search box
Although we have a small number of photos taken in other cities and even other countries, (notably during the First World War) nearly all our photos were taken in Greater London and its immediate surroundings.

You can search for all the photos in a single London borough or neighbouring county from the list below, or enter the name of a district in London or its postal area in the location search box. You can also search for place names in the free text search if you want to combine the place with another term, but remember you are searching all the descriptive information, including for example the places served by a particular bus, or the destination board of an Underground train which may also be recorded by the cataloguer.

Your search results
If you have lots of results that are not relevant, use more words or Boolean terms to narrow down your search. For example try 'bus interior' or 'bus and interior' instead of just 'bus'. You can add and exclude any number of terms that you don't want, as in 'bus and staff and summer not interior' would find bus staff outside, in the summer.

We have tried to choose a wide selection of popular types of images for the online collection. If you do not find what you expect, try a broader or similar term or approach the search from a different angle. For example if you are looking for a particular type of tram and cannot find it, try searching for tram and an area it served.

If you still don't find what you want, we either don't have it or it has not been scanned. We will be adding to the online collection regularly, so check back again in the future.

Online Ordering

Use of photographs and copyright
London Transport Museum's online printing facility is provided for the reproduction of photographs for personal non-commercial use. No part of these photographs may be copied or reproduced without the prior written consent from Transport for London.
Copyright remains the property of Transport for London.

Commercial reproduction fees and further details of our commercial service are available on request from the curatorial department:

Email: enquiry@ltmuseum.co.uk

Print sizes and prices

6"x4" print @£2.95
8"x6" print @£5.45
10"x8" print @£7.95
Image cropping
Image sizes do not correspond with the dimensions of the original photograph.

Fulfilling orders
Images are printed and dispatched by our third party supplier Internova.

Online Security
All online transactions are with Internova and are secured using their secure server.

Returns policy
As our image orders are processed by our third party supplier, all returns must be dealt with by Internova.

If you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact Internova directly and specify that you have ordered from the London Transport Museum website.


While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of caption information, we are always pleased to receive corrections/additional details. However, neither London Transport Museum nor Transport for London can be held responsible for any omissions or inaccurate information.

Contact us

If you would like to provide us with feedback about the site or have a photographic enquiry please contact us at:

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