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An Arriva DLA-type double deck bus on route 412 for Purley, seen at West Croydon bus station flanked by a Croydon tram, 2000

Easy change from tram to bus : Tramlink has been designed to provide convenient interchange with other local transport services. This tram stop at West Croydon is next to the main local bus station.
  • Reference number: 2004/16606
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    Tram comeback

    Apart from Blackpool, every original tramway system in the UK had been closed down by the 1960s. But by the 1990s, electric trams were being reintroduced to cities suffering from traffic congestion and air pollution. Suddenly this apparently outdated mode of transport became recognized as both cost effective and environmentally friendly. In their modern form, tramways are often known as Light Rapid Transit (LRT) systems. Tramlink, London’s first modern tramway, runs along the streets of Croydon and old suburban railway routes. It opened in 2000, 50 years after the old trams had been removed from this part of south London.


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