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19th century London

Image showing 19th century LondonLondon in 1800 was compact, most people got around on foot. During the century, innovations in river, railways, and road transport changed Londoners' lives fundamentally.

River Thames - Wherries were the first river taxis. Introduction of steamboats in 1815 increased passenger transport. By 1850s these carried several million passengers annually.
Railways - The railway boom in 1830s and 1840s meant new routes into London. By the 1870s, nearly all journeys to and from London were made by rail.
Streets - Light horse-drawn cabs became fashionable among rich Londoners. From 1829 others travelled on London's Shillibeer horse buses. Horse-drawn trams challenged the supremacy of the horse bus after 1870.

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The River 1800-1900
River Thames, On the water, River traffic declines, Crossing the river

Londons Railways 1800-1900
London's Railways, Closer to the centre

London's streets 1800-1900
Before the bus, Rise of the horse bus, Rails in the road, Horsing around, Vision for a better city, Crowded city, Reshaping the city, Metropolitan improvements

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