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Your comments imageThe 'Share your memories' feature allows you to tell us memories, comments or stories inspired by our Museum objects on display. You will also be able to read comments other people have submitted, to gain various personal views on our collections.

What’s Cooking? at London Transport Museum

Did you know the Museum has a fascinating collection of objects, photographs and film relating to London Transport catering? ‘What’s Cooking?’ is our latest community project, working with a group in Acton to explore people’s ideas, feelings and memories about food and cooking. We’re using creative ways of capturing and expressing peoples’ responses to the collection

We also want to hear what you think about the catering collection. By collecting your stories we hope to be able to be able to highlight the things that matter to you. Why not comment on one of the objects selected from the galleries or add your own story to our growing archive? Responses will be displayed in our Online Museum for other visitors to enjoy.


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