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London Transport Museum

using the site

Using the site

Search tips

You can view the online museum collections by gallery, collection type and floorplan from the main home page. These options to explore the collection are also displayed on every page down the left hand navigation.

A free text search box is available (top right corner). Try searching using keywords such as place name, type of object etc.

Using a star (*) at the end of words or parts of words will increase your chances of a successful search. For example suburb* will bring up objects which include the words suburb, suburbs and suburbia.

The search facility also recognises the Boolean operators, 'and' and 'or'. So putting in 'bus or train' will bring up 478 results and 'bus and train' will bring up 2 results.

Clicking 'objects and stories' on the filter results section will bring up stories about objects. For example putting in the search term 'umbrella' will bring up no objects directly. However by changing the filter it will bring up two stories, each of which is attached to an object.

If you would like to see all the objects on the website, put 'all' in the free text search, this will take a few seconds to load.

Viewing by gallery
You can explore the objects on display in the museum by clicking on one of nine galleries.

Then you will be directed to the main gallery page, with information about that gallery.

Four selected objects will be displayed. You may also chose to display all objects related to the chosen gallery.

Sub galleries relating to this main gallery will appear below in blue or along the left hand side navigation in grey text.

Selecting a sub gallery will show you interpretative texts as displayed in the museum as well as accompanying objects. Objects will appear as thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.

Selecting an object will bring up all the information about that object, together with related objects and other interpretative texts.

The nine galleries also appear in the left hand side navigation on every webpage.

Viewing by collection type
The collections page divides objects into various collections, for example models, photographs, posters and artworks.

Select a collection by clicking on the image. Information about the chosen collection will appear along with all objects of that type on display in the museum.

These objects are arranged in order of the galleries, which largely follow a chronological order.

Viewing by floorplan
You can view the museum either by selecting numbers on the floorplan or on the accompanying key.

Where you have selected an 'Object based gallery' this will take you to the main gallery page. On the key, galleries 1- 9.

Where you have selected an 'Other gallery' this will take you to a summary of the gallery. On the key galleries, 10 - 20.

Viewing by My favourite objects
You can select one of three My favourite lists of objects on display in the museum chosen by London Transport Museum curators and Friends of the Museum.

Selecting an object will take you to the object record. You can also discover where the object is in the gallery.

Viewing by Personal Perspectives
You can select from a list of people who have worked with or been associated with London Transport or its predecessors.

As in the gallery you can also hear what they are saying, by playing the box on this record.

Viewing Share your memories
You can add comments and memories to a group of objects and read what other people have written about them.

Online Ordering

Photographic reproductions of objects displayed in the Online Museum are not available for purchase.


Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained within the Online Museum browser. However, mistakes do occur. Neither the London Transport Museum or Transport for London can be held responsible for any omissions or incorrect information.

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